LCR006 - Ruin​/​Sunshine

by Beesley

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released January 24, 2015



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Track Name: Ruin
Put my thoughts back in the box,
For the second time this week.
Wish I could wish you luck,
But its all just got too much.

Never really cared,
Was scared to be alone.
Never really cared,
Wasn't prepared.
Now you've got another life to,

Drove me round the bend,
Drove me fucking crazy.

I'm not crazy for you.
I'm just crazy ,
because of all the things you,


Flowers on your window sill,
Wilt and become incomplete.
I'm so much stronger now,
Than you ever will be.
Track Name: Sunshine
Feel like I'm chasing my tail,
because every step i take,
feels the same.
Am I going in circles?
Because everyday's the same.

I want to be caught in between,
your bed sheets, and waste away.
I'm sick of hearing you say,
That I have to "change my ways",
because I'm finally happy.

I'm crying, again.
Over spilt milk, that means nothing.
Sat in my room,
thinking of you. (thinking of you).

Be straight with me!
Tell me how you're feeling.
I want to lay on your floor,
and listen to "American Football".

Better smarten up,
and cut the slack.
Can't make a future,
looking back